Mobile lab

Mobile Lab

"Profitable  Solutions to Pollution"

​​Services We provide​​:

​​​​Increasing Recovery

  • Plant audits and mass balances
  • ​Evaluation of existing equipment and procedures
  • Pilot testing of new processes and technologies
  • ​Engineering of process modificaitons

Other Services

  • ​Development of electronic sea floor monitoring surveys
  • Video and digital camera equipment for recording field testing and observations
  • ​Production of training materials
  • ​Reports available on CD / DVD in PDF searchable format
  • ​Hosting of remote meetings and training using GoToMeeting

​​​​​​Converting Waste into Products

  • Feasibility studies for fish waste recycling 
  • Market studies for new products and by-products
  • ​Design of new rendering processes and facilities

​​​wastewater and Stormwater

Environmental Compliance

  • Draft permit review assistance
  • Permit application assistance
  • ​Permit deployment assistance (plant modification recommendations, personnel training on sampling procedures, etc)
  • Assistance setting up Compliance Department
  • Compliance reporting assistance
  • Assistance with lawsuits

​Other Services

  • ​​Mobile lab for field testing waste / waste water / stormwater
  • ​Bench testing equipment for field testing wastewater
  • ​Design of waster water treatment systems
  • ​Data loggers and remote sensors for monitoring plant operations and waste conveyance systems
  • ​Automatic samplers for collecting waste water / stormwater samples